The Workshop on Renewable Energy Sources and Nanotechnology (WREN) will gather experts from the field of energy applications and their impacts in society and in the world. It will discuss topics about renewable energy and new materials .This workshop will be focused on the research on fields of natural science and engineering done by the Laboratory of Preparation and Computation of Nanomaterials (LPCN), site www.lpcn.ufpa.br, of the Federal University of Pará, Brazil.  All the participants will have contact with some of the most important and recent applications of renewable energy sources such as hydrogen production, fuel cells, organic and inorganic solar cells andothers.

Carlos Edilson de Almeida Maneschy

Carlos Edilson de Almeida ManeschyRector of the Federal University of Pará, is a mechanical engineer graduated from UFPA, PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh - where he was also associated professor from 1991 to 1994, professor at the Federal University of Pará and member of CAPES.
In August 2012 he was elected president of the National Association of Directors of Federal Institutions of Higher Education, where he remained until 2014. In July 2013 he began his second term at the Rectory.
His management has been marked by strong growth of UFPA , in all areas , high lighting, besides the advances in the areas of teaching, research and extension, expansion and upgrading of the physical infrastructure and services, including new buildings and renovation of existing ones .
Moreover, there is an atmosphere of respectful dialogue with members of all segments that make up the UFPA, which became one of the greatest immaterial inheritances of the management of Carlos Maneschy.



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